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Integrate a Chatbot in your Website with Tars

If you’re an online business owner, or just a website owner in general, you’ll know how difficult it can be to create an interactive, and engaging website for your users to use! On top of that, integrating customer support into your website can be quite a struggle as well. Luckily for us, there’s a new rising technology that can help us do just that! I’m talking about the intricate technology of online chatbots, this new up and coming technology can help us with many of the issues we’ve mentioned before, but how? In this article we’ll discuss what chatbots are, how they can help you, and how you can easily integrate your own using a tool called Tars!

Before we can dive into Tars’ many intricate features, we should first take a step back and look at chatbots as a whole, what are they, and how can they help our website? Chatbots are bots for users to talk to when using your website, they’re meant to imitate human beings and they vary greatly in complexity ranging from the ability to answer a set amount of basic questions to having a full blown conversation that’s almost indistinguishable from a human being! Sounds cool, but how can this help our user experience? Using chatbots dramatically increases the user engagement on your website, therefore increasing the amount of returning customers! On top of that, chatbots make customer service a breeze, they eliminate the need to hire people to answer every single question users might have, and it eliminates the wait for a response for the user, a win-win situation! They also allow for a more personalized experience, making users feel comfortable and at ease, which is perfect for a marketing environment! Finally, these chatbots offer infinite opportunities on the analytics department, as they can analyse customer behaviour like no other, allowing you to increase the sales on your website in no time! Now that we know the impact a chatbot can have on our website, it’s time to look at how to implement it into our website!

This is where Tars comes in! Tars is an easy to use chatbot creation tool, that allows complete beginners, like you and me, to enter the intricate world of chatbots, and therefore boost our sales! The great thing about Tars is its accessibility, it’s easy to use for anyone, and it requires zero programming experience to use! They offer an incredible amount of pre-made templates for you to choose from, and then build upon using their cleverly designed drag and drop chatbot editor! After going through the intuitive workflow of creating your chatbot, it’s as easy as a few clicks to release it out in the world. You can place it as a widget on your website, or even as a full page! Tars also offers support for your chatbots to be released on a messaging platform like WhatsApp, all to achieve maximum costumer engagement! With your chatbot released into the world, the customer data will start flowing in! Tars is backed by an incredibly responsive customer support, and an involved team of developers that are constantly hard at work to improve, and update, anything that can be even better in the software! Tars offers everything you could ever want to see in a chatbot creation tool, whilst making it surprisingly easy to get started! It takes a few clicks here and there, to choose one of the many templates, and edit them using their intuitive drag and drop system, the mysterious art of making human-like chatbots has never been easier!

As with all good things tough, Tars has its downsides, but what are they, and can they be worked around? To start, one of the most reported issues with Tars is that the user interface of the tool can be a bit dated, that doesn’t take away from the functionality by any means, but it’s something to note to say the least. On top of that Tars offers limited freedom in designing the appearance of your chatbot to your liking, the default design is more than sufficient, but some CSS styling options for example would be a nice addition to an already great piece of software! There are some reports of performance lacking a little bit, but there’s to few of these reports to be a reliable source, it might be something to keep in mind though if you’re looking for performance! Most of these aren’t very noticeable issues, and they’re unlikely to have a large influence on the effects your chatbot will have, but it’s worth noting anyway!

As far as pricing goes, tools as useful, and as profitable as Tars don’t come for free! In the case of Tars however, ‘not free’ would be a massive understatement, as the prices really run into some tremendously high numbers. The cheapest plan starts at a stunning $499 a month, this being the cheapest plan, you only get access to 5 chatbots and 5000 chats per month, especially the latter of which could cause issues for some of the higher traffic websites out there. They offer two more pricing plans, one for a mind boggling $899 a month, offering 10 chatbots, and 15.000 chats per month, which should be more than sufficient for any website. They also offer a custom plan, which allows a custom number of features for a custom price point, the sky truly is the limit here, both in terms of feature and price!

All in all, Tars is an incredible piece of software, it’s easy to use, cleverly designed, it allows for some amazing customer analysis and it’s guaranteed to make your website more interactive and grant a better user experience. The pricing point is very steep though, but if you have the budget it’s definitely worth checking out the free demo offered by Tars, to see if it suits you and your website! Thank you for reading, and good luck growing your website, or online business!



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