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Effective social media marketing with PromoRepublic

Any one of us that owns a small company will know about the importance of social media to reach and interact with their potential costumers! Social media is the gateway between the company and the customer, and especially for the smaller companies among us, followers don’t come flocking by themselves! To build your social media presence you’ll need to post a lot of high quality content, very regularly, but this takes a lot of work, wouldn’t it be useful if there was something to help us with this vast and difficult task? Luckily for us, there is! And it’s a tool called PromoRepublic! In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of PromoRepublic, and we’ll see why should, or perhaps should not, use this seemingly handy tool!

Before we can dive into detail on PromoRepublic, let’s see what kind of tool we’re working with, and how it can assist our social media presence! PromoRepublic is a social media management platform. This means that it takes care of the tricky, and time consuming, parts of social media for you. It automates things like posting schedule, content creation, and analytical data. You can use PromoRepublic’s advanced planning tools to schedule posts ahead of time, this way you can be sure of a reliable and consistent posting schedule, which in turn results in a steady follower gain! PromoRepublic assists you in the department of content creation by providing you with a picture editor, containing many artistic aspects such as different backgrounds, fonts, and objects like banners or shapes! After creating, and posting, your content PromoRepublic provides detailed analytical information on how your posts are performing, and more importantly, what you can do to improve it! As you might imagine, tools like this are essential to maintain a high-quality content stream over longer time periods, and it’s the perfect solution to gaining plenty of followers with very little effort!

So, as you can see, using PromoRepublic allows to save absolute tons of time, time that we can later invest into developing our precious small business!  And using the features mentioned earlier, is as simple as connecting your social media accounts to the program, doing a little planning, and there you go! Using tools like PromoRepublic eliminates the tedious task of creating, and then posting content to all your social media accounts multiple times a week, now you just must do it once for the next couple of months! Using its built-in editor also allows you to put out even higher quality content than before, with the many different editing options and things like banners you can make your posts a lot more eye pleasing, and therefore have a better, more streamlined, interaction with your audience!

As you might imagine though, it’s not all fun and games, every good program has its downsides, and so does PromoRepublic. To start, some people report the program acting a little buggy at times, but luckily, this is definitely not a common occurrence. Secondly, whilst the built-in picture editor is a strong tool to use for basic adjustments, and adding text to your pictures, it’s not suitable for some real editing work. This doesn’t have to be an issue, as it can easily be solved by any modern photo editing software, such as Photoshop or Inkscape, and to be honest an advanced picture editor is not something we should expect from a social media tool like PromoRepublic, therefore the default editor will do perfectly fine in most scenarios! Some people also report minor issues when posting to the Instagram platform, as hashtags tend to be dysfunctional and sometimes there’s complete posting trouble. This leads to another issue, if there’s the possibility for mistakes like hashtags not function or things in that nature, we’ll have to manually check every post, and if we have to do that we might as well just post every time right, and do it ourselves? Well yes and no, of course you shouldn’t have to check every post manually as that’s not the point of the program, but even if you’d have to check every single post manually you’d still save tons of time over posting manually every time! Luckily, most of these issues are incredibly rare, and PromoRepublic has a very responsive and helpful customer service team, that is ready to answer any question, or solve any problem you might have!

This leads us to the next point of discussion, what will this great tool cost our wallet? As you might imagine from a tool with this many features, it doesn’t come cheap! PromoRepublic offers three plans, starting at $49 a month. For this price you get a maximum of 10 social media pages and two team members to work with, and access to all features the tool has to offer, this plan will most likely have our small companies covered! Secondly, if you’re looking for an upgrade, PromoRepublic offers a second tier ‘professional’ plan for a price of $99 a month, for this large price increase you get up to 30 social media pages to control, and a maximum of 15 team members to work with! In the unlikely scenario where even this plan doesn’t have you covered, PromoRepublic offers a custom plan. This means a custom price, for custom features, for the real professionals among us this can be used to manage as much social media pages as you’d like! As you can see there’s something for everyone, but we, as small business owners, will likely be content with the cheapest plan on offer!

All in all, PromoRepublic is the tool to save you an incredible amount of time and effort, and even though the pricing may look steep at first, you have to keep in mind the amount of time this tool gives you to invest in your company, this in itself will earn you extra revenue! If you’re a small business owner this is the tool for you, growing a social media presence is the most important way to spread the word about your company, so why not automate it to be exactly as we want, with very little effort? Thank you for reading, and good luck with growing your small business!



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