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Do I Need a VPN for Firestick: An Authentic IPVanish review

Imagine your personal information that you’re reluctant to share with anyone, becomes a part of various hacking websites and government surveillance. With the advent of the internet world, digital privacy becomes a major concern among users.

From using entertainment websites to information websites, your research history is reserved that hackers could use to threaten your privacy.

But, worrying is not the sole solution. There are plenty of options regarding using VPN  as a safeguard of your online privacy. However, choosing the best VPN will become a challenging task because the market is full of dozens of brands. Fortunately, we’ve already researched various networks that could fulfill your all requirements.

To save you from hacking and threatening entities, we’re introducing IPVanish, a virtual private network. Undoubtedly, IPVanish will become your partner in your every online activity without sharing your secrets with others.

With 1100 VPN servers and 60+ locations, IPVanish is working genuinely to ensure user’s security with the advanced subscriptions. Let’s dig into all features of IPVanish along with its compatibility with fire stick:

Do I Need a VPN for Firestick?

Using a firestick means stepping into the world of entertainment and enjoying plentiful media features. On the other hand, your online privacy is at the stake of hackers and other spying agencies.

In that regard, let’s walk through 4 major reasons that will highlight the perks of using fire stick with VPN:

Full security to fire stick data

Your fire stick data will be fully secured with the aid of a top-tier VPN. Searching from your favorite website to enjoying your favorite shows, your browsing activity will be inaccessible for others. 

Of course, nobody will be willing to share their private history with others. Therefore, secure your data with a VPN so nobody could track your identity.

However, various government agencies are working to keep an eye on all users by tracking their internet history. In that regard, VPN will prove a lifesaver for you.

Access to your desired content around the globe

If you’re enjoying your vacation and want to cherish moments with your favorite show then VPN will allow you complete access to your desired content.

Most countries have adopted strict policies to ban the content of other countries. Therefore, VPN users could get access to any show or website being anonymous.

Approach to blocked stuff

You can also approach all blocked websites without worrying about your privacy. Indeed, various blocked websites show the identity of users but with the assistance of a VPN, you can protect your identity.

Enjoy all content all over websites either relevant to entertainment or sensitive content that most countries block for national security concerns.

Hide your identity

Due to the development of the internet, anyone could approach your personal information by using your IP address. Therefore, hiding your identity will enable you to use any website without security concerns.

Moreover, when you connect your gadgets to the internet service of any unknown place then there are threats that your data could be stolen. To deal with all these concerns, VPN works hand in hand with a firestick.

Best VPN for Fire stick : IPVanish

Now, if you’re looking for the best VPN for firestick then do not look more. We have already researched for you to save you valuable time. After operating different VPNs and consulting various users, we have discovered IPVanish as the best VPN for firestick. Let’s drill down its features to ease purchasing decision:

Data logging

Every user of IPVanish could reap the benefits due to the zero-log policy of IPVanish. With the help of this policy, you can get access to all websites being anonymous.

Of course, your IP address will disappear and nobody could track your personal information. Surprisingly, IPVanish doesn’t record your personal information.

But, they will only keep an eye on your non-personal information that includes browser type, page request, average time on different websites through Google Analytics.

Automatic data backup

If you’re worrying to lose your data after losing your internet connection and need to download it again then IPVanish understands you well. With the kill switch option, you can start from where you left.

Moreover, a few security networks show the IP address of users after losing an internet connection but IPVanish works on hiding the identity of users without demanding for internet connection. So, worry less and use more.


IPVansih is suitable for multiple devices that include Windows, iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows phone, tablets, computers, and many others. Indeed, you can connect to 10 different devices at a time with IPVanish.

Netflix with IPVanish

You can approach Netflix with IPVanish through split tunneling. Get access to Netflix by Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and many other locations. Moreover, you can enjoy Netflix with IPVanish easily but you may encounter a few privacy concerns and proxy errors.

Data encryption

With advanced data encryption, IPVanish is offering remarkable services to ensure user’s privacy from all digital robbers. Although, IPVanish uses AES-256 encryption that is ruling in the world of  VPNs.

This prominent feature of data encryption is quite rare in high-price VPNs. So, get your hands on this super-secure network that is providing plenty of options that include:

IPSec (Internet protocol security), IKEPV2 (Internet key exchange protocol version 2), L2TP (Layer 2 tunneling protocol), Open VPN, UDP, and many others. These protocols will help you to understand data transformation from your gadget to IPVanish.


  • Offer complete access to blocked websites across the globe
  • Available with 1300+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Flawless IP encryption
  • Provides an optimal speed for loading and unloading websites
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use interface
  • Compatible with multiple devices simultaneously and deliver higher speed
  • The kill switch feature works perfectly
  • Great for providing security with multiple protocols especially OPen VPN protocol
  • Come up with 24/7 supportive customer services


  • Netflix is available with only selected servers
  • A bit pricey as compared to other software
  • Under the surveillance of 5 eyes that is a question mark on its privacy policy

How to Use IPVanish on Firestick?

To use IPVanish on firestick, follow these simple and easiest steps:

  • Firstly, you have to type IPVanish into the search bar with the help of your firestick remote
  • You will encounter an application named IPVanish
  • Click on the application and download
  • After download completion, sign up with IPVanish
  • To sign up, you have to submit general details
  • Set a strong password while signing up
  • After sign up, you will come across the most prominent features of IPVanish, so you can choose your desired country, city, and server
  • Click on settings to go through plenty of features of IPVanish
  • Choose Auto-reconnect to disappear your IP address after losing internet connection
  • Go back and select any server and location that you want to explore and click on connect
  • Now you can step into the world of entertainment around the globe including Netflix to your favorite movies and shows

How to Install VPN on Firestick?

If you’re willing to know How to install VPN on firestick, you just have to follow a few easier steps:

  • Go to categories and select the utility section from the main menu
  • Select settings and click on applications
  • Here you have to manage installed applications
  • Type VPN in the search bar and select your preferred VPN
  • After selection, download VPN
  • Sign up to the application by filling in simple details
  • Go to settings and get a glance at all features
  • All features are available within a single click
  • Go to menu and select your desired country along with city and region and connect
  • Now, you can get access to all geo-restricted websites without showing your IP address

IPVanish packages

The packages of IPVanish are quite affordable and will prove bang for your buck. For the very first month, you just have to pay $3.49 and $31.49 for your first-year plan. After that, you have to subscribe monthly plan by paying $9.99 monthly and $89.99 annually.

On the other hand, you can get a monthly plan of IPVanish for $3.84 with plenty of storage and a yearly plan for $34.99. After this, you have to subscribe to this package for $10.99 monthly and $99.99 annually.

Final Verdict

Living in the age of the internet, we have to provide our personal information to various websites regarding credit cards and other details. With access to our IP address, anyone could get into our details and can target our privacy by using different hacking tactics.

Therefore, to save ourselves from all hackers and tracking websites, we need a high-quality encrypted VPN. In that regard, IPVanish is ruling over other VPNs since 2012 with prominent features and exceptional performance. Moreover, operating IPVanish on a firestick will safeguard your browsing activities and online privacy. So, use this privacy tool confidently without fearing about data leakage.



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