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ConvertKit Reviews: Best Email Marketing Software That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re running an online business then standing alone across the crowd will be challenging in the era of competitive marketing. Most online businesses believe in operating different lead generation tools to grow their business successfully.

Among all lead generation tactics, email marketing works perfectly to generate leads. However, if you’re looking for the best email marketing tool that won’t break the bank, ConvertKit is going to amaze you through its potential performance.

This email marketing software works ideally for content creators. So, if you’re a blogger or a book author, or a writer or selling your content course, this tool will accompany you in your success journey.

It contains plenty of features from sending your emails to all subscribers, creating landing pages, automating sales of products, and many others. Here, we’re going to unveil all key features of the ConvertKit to ease your buying decision:

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has been in the game since 2013 and offers email marketing services to catalyze the growth of online businesses. This email marketing software is particularly designed for content creators with customizable forms, landing pages, and visual automation building tools. However, customizable forms can switch your readers to subscribers, and automation builders will target your specific audience.

With the aid of landing pages, you can sell your services and products through emails to your subscribers. This email marketing tool is serving thousands of content creators with its prominent features at affordable rates.

An Insight to Key features of the ConvertKit

Let’s delve down to check all insider key features that ConvertKit has in the box for us:

Freedom to create landing pages

The most prominent feature of ConvertKit that is grabbing the attention of everyone, is to create landing pages without owning a website. As a content creator, I prefer to put my ideas to create unique landing pages to attract the target audience.

Thankful to ConvertKit offers ready-to-use landing page templates to cater to our creativity. However, if you don’t belong to a technical background, you can still create a beautiful landing page without using a code.

Otherwise, the Custom CSS option is also available for web designers. With ergonomic landing pages, you can develop your subscriber’s interest in your content that will help in lead generation.

This feature helped me to explore a new world of thousands of aesthetic images within a single click. With the assistance of this feature, everyone could successfully promote their services and products by designing landing pages.

Above all, you can also get an insight into your subscriber’s metrics and conversation rates that will boost your productivity to improve your business.

Offers email sign-up forms

A sign-up form opens the door to new hopes and customers that will ultimately end up enhancing the revenue of your business. ConvertKit is well aware of the current needs of online business and offers unlimited signup forms that you can optimize according to your choice.

In that regard, you can choose Inline, pop-up, or slide-in to embed on your landing pages easily.

Additionally, you can deliver your content automatically to your email list. In this way, you can convert your prospects to customers by updating them about your all products.

With my two years of experience, I have used several emailing software and paid for the same subscriber multiple times but ConvertKit will charge you once.

Build an integration

If you’re willing to build an integration then this software will become your best partner. You can access hundreds of integrations through Zapier. Moreover, multiple popular zaps will promote your business like never before.

Sharing email broadcasts

I have a firm belief that connecting to readers through weekly email broadcasts will build your relationship with your customers. ConvertKit makes it possible for me to send an email broadcast to my target viewers.

But before sending, creating an ideal email is also a challenging task. For that purpose, ConvertKit has an email designer that helps in editing and provides email templates to enchant your website visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Above all, with its email automation feature, your content will land directly to your subscriber’s inbox without a delay. Don’t worry about delivery because it has a 98% delivery rate that’s more than enough.

Besides, you can also operate its smart filters and reach your ideal audience to pitch your product to the right customer.

Access to weekly training sessions

ConvertKit also boosts your business by providing access to weekly training sessions. Indeed, these online training sessions will catalyze your business growth.

Undoubtedly, these training sessions hosted by experts offer insider secrets of the marketing industry and disclose strategies to promote your product.

However, you can also seek useful information from your subscriber’s data that will prove beneficial for your business growth.

Remarkable email designer

I know, designing a perfect email that could grab a reader’s attention is tricky. But, with the help of the ConvertKit email designer, you can land to your reader’s inbox with catchy content. ConvertKit can give you complete access to numerous email templates that are simple and straightforward.

A cluttered email always distracts readers from genuine content. Therefore, ConvertKit is offering email designers that will guide you perfectly.

Besides, you can also add Call-to-action by linking your blog post, shop address, or other options. Last but not least, you can also utilize codes if you’re willing to optimize your content with HTML code.

Help to produce automated funnels

This email automation tool was quite beneficial during my whole marketing journey. Of course, every creator needs a tremendous amount of time and energy to create novel content. To save you valuable time, ConvertKit is providing a visual automation tool to target your desired audience according to your specified schedule.

For that purpose, you just need to set up the rules and then let it work for you. Moreover, filter your audience with tags, names, segments and share the right content with the right audience.

Sell your digital products

ConvertKit also helps sellers to sell their digital products with its commerce tool. By creating product pages, you can sell your products like a pro. Moreover, its automated sales funnel will work effectively to promote your product to your email list. Despite this, it will also exclude subscribers who have already bought your products.

If you’re thinking about payments, don’t worry, your all payments are secure with ConvertKit. You can get your payment directly to your bank account weekly.

On top of all, you can operate a free plan of ConvertKit commerce and only pay transaction charges after selling products.

ConvertKit Creator Pro

To become a successful marketer, you should assure that your subscribers didn’t miss a single email from your side. In that regard, ConvertKit will provide you a deliverability report that will give you an insight into all deliveries.

With a 98% delivery rate and 30% opening rate, its creator pro feature will help you to get an insight about forms that will generate more leads.

Also, its newsletter referral program will provoke your audience to refer your content to their friends and family members that will ultimately enhance your lead generation. Additionally, you can change the email URL after sending an email with the wrong link.

So, you can grow a strong relationship with your customers that will generate revenue for your business.

Perks of using ConvertKit

  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • Offers plenty of landing pages
  • Access to thousands of images
  • Have an effective email designer
  • Automated email tool
  • Newsletter referral program to increase leads
  • Could target a specific audience with smart filters
  • Give access to multiple signup forms
  • Have the potential to build integration with popular zaps


  • A bit pricey
  • Do not offer autosave option in some areas
  • Poor customer services


ConvertKit offers three potential packages. The first one will not cost you a single penny if you have more than a thousand subscribers. If you have more than a thousand subscribers, you can subscribe to its creator package.

Within this package, you can avail of exceptional features by paying only $29 monthly. Lastly, get your hands on its creator pro package and open a door of phenomenal features to lead your online business successfully. To subscribe to creator pro, you just have to pay $59 every month.

Final Words

Hopefully, this ConvertKit review will help you to make a wise decision. But, if you’re looking for a productive email marketing tool then ConvertKit will work perfectly for you. With its easy-to-use interface and landing pages, you can grab your audience’s attention towards your products and services.

Moreover, its ConvertKit commerce tool will also assist you to sell your digital products. Above all, it’s all features bear fruitful results for my business and I could assure you that it will also produce fruitful results for your business.



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