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With Backlinkpost you will have lifetime access to add/edit your guest posts and backlinks in 4 websites from the same dashboard.

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  • Lifetime access to edit your posts and modify your backlinks.
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Our Websites

In order to achieve this goal of simplifying the process of SEO, and backlinks in particular, we have a series of websites up and running for you to post your backlink posts on! Below, we’ve listed all of the websites available, with a brief description. Whichever website you choose to post your backlink post to, you’re guaranteed to have solid results in no time!


this is a high-traffic website for you to post your backlink articles on, it’s more than that though! Writing a compelling article here not only leads to higher SEO ranking, but it also leads to some raw referral traffic straight to your website, so be sure to deliver a well written article, and watch the traffic come in!


this is a website filled with various useful articles, in many different categories. This is the website to earn referral traffic to your website, increase your SEO and get free promotion along the way!


this is our very own blog section, and much like the others it offers infinite potential, both for backlink posts and for a ton of educational reading fun!


this blog site offers a sleek design and offers, just like the others, great opportunities to work on your SEO and get some nice referral traffic along the way! Grow your business on this business specific platform!

About Us

We at backlink, aim to make SEO accessible to everyone! As you may know, good SEO is essential for the performance of your website and it can make or break the success your website has, and therefore the revenue it brings in! There are many different aspects to a successful SEO strategy, but using backlinks, or referrals back to your website, is one of the more proven, and effective SEO components currently out there. That’s why we at backlink offer backlink post on our websites for great prices, to make SEO accessible, and to allow small businesses to thrive like never before!










Now that we know what has to offer in terms of websites, it’s time to dive deeper into the platform, and take a look at some of the features that make it so special! The combination of these features makes the versatile and easy to use platform that it is! It offers great potential for an even better price. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to boost your rankings and grow your business!

intuitive credit system

The first feature we’ll be looking at is the intuitive credit system associated with backlinkpost, When you choose to buy a post using these credits, you’ll then have access to them for a lifetime, and you’ll always be able to edit them, or completely change them out! When you choose to delete your post, your credit is returned, and you can then even choose one of the other blogs to publish your new post on!

Easy Post Managing

Managing your posts across the different blogs is made as easy as riding a bike! After spending your credits, you’ll have easy access to all of your posts, and, as mentioned before, you’ll be able to change everything to your liking, whenever you like it!

High quality backlink posts

Backlinkpost has implemented a quality insurance feature to their blogs, your posts should be at least 300 words long, and plagiarism won’t be accepted, everything needs to be handwritten to ensure high quality backlink posts, to keep traffic flowing to the four blogs!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we’ll go over some frequently asked questions on We’ll answer the most important questions you need to know to get started on the platform! Let’s jump right into it!

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All in all is the way to grow your website or business, using strong and effective backlink campaigns to dramatically increase your SEO performance, and therefore your search engine rankings! offers very cheap solutions with unmatched reliability and performance. So, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun with just a few clicks, and watch the traffic flow right into your site!