Backlinks – Tips and Strategies For Better SEO

SEO: What Are Backlinks and how do I use them for my website?

Backlinks and SEO – go hand to hand when comes to receiving traffic to your website. The content on your website must be relevant in Googles eyes but also built to compliment external links as well. Consider link building as planting seeds, especially when they are on relevant websites that weigh heavily far as Google. Your probably asking yourself like
many others out there, what backlinks should I build for my website that will actually work when planning the structure of your new project, where should I start and what SEO tactics should I apply and what really works.

Learning SEO – can be a breeze if you remember the basics. That is Some external links are more valuable than others the qaulity of good relevant external links carry more weight with Google than ones with little content or irrelevant articles on their page. Google

Image of a Backlink Map

considers the matter of external links that if the website your linking from has a relevancy in the search and their in your niche, that effects your sites SEO and over time should increase the amount of visitors because you will slowly rise in the search engine.

Link Quality – if your car broke down and you were looking for a mechanic to fix your car
who would you listen to? A certified mechanic or hundreds of other with their opinions on your car? Now it’s different when you have a opinion from someone who researched the experts, as long as they don’t water their SEO opinion down with their own; which technically would mean it’s still an opinion.

Anchor Text – Alot of sites like Barnes and Amazon have links pointing to the that range
in the millions. They have links pointing to them ranging from: electronics, rear coins, DVD movies, and even food products so that you can shop on their site. All these anchor text are simply things that they sell on the site which is relevant and points back to the domain.

The Number Of Links – alot of sites have discovered that when they get a whole lot of
links that those type of numbers can add up as success for your site and SEO strategies success. That means if your getting 100 good links from alot of different sites, that your definitely on your way to success as far as backlinks. Especially if are also contributing good content to relevant websites with a trusted position in the search engine.

After Google released – their new algorithm of course things changed, and what was great for SEO and backlinks yesterday has a new strategy today. Building backlink’s to your website can be a time consuming endeavor, but if you are willing to put in the daily hours and research then your own strategy will kick right in do time and prove to pay off.


Some Backlinks Can Hurt Your Website

There use to be days when different types of backlink was considered good even okay are in your SEO strategy. In the new era of today’s SEO, high quality and relevant backlinks weigh more far as value. But remember that some links have the potential to greatly hurt your overall ranking in the search engine if the proper research about the domain isn’t done.

If you just completed your site, most likely the chances are of you getting fast and effective organic natural links are a sure almost zero. Cross your fingers in hopes that major website out there like The Washington Post and Forbes will  post or even link to you unless you have a well known popular website; then those famous sites will be glad to give you the needed backlinks.

A great method to increase your SEO and baclinks is to write guest post on well known reputable websites in your niche. But remember to do it because you enjoy the passion of writing and not just for the potential backlinks you could gain in the long run;
people can tell, especially Google when you are just posting for baclinks instead of the joy of writing about something in your niche. This is a way that has been abused over the years but with the right article you can stand out in the large crowd called the internet.


Backlinks and SEO – A Few Thing To Remember When Guest Posting On Other Websites


Post For The Best Websites With Lots of Link Juice And That Are In Your Niche

It’s better to only write for the best and highly known reputable websites that are in your
niche. It’s a waste of time writing for site(s) with no or lower domain authority than you. It will always hurt you in the long run and you’ll see the negative results from the decrease of your pages showing up in the search engines.


Write More Than One Article When Posting In Forums With The Same Niche As You

Don’t just write one post or article keep writing, and more than one, for the website and about your chosen niche. If you only write one small article or just two it will look like you are just trying to get backlinks. This is important to keep contributing because many sites out there will delete your articles or post if they aren’t lengthy enough or there’s not
enough content that you submitted in the article.


Always Monitor Your Links From Your Guest Post On Popular Websites With Of You Niche

Keep an eye on your links from your guest post periodically. The secret is using a great SEO tool, and there’s plenty of these SEO Tools online. Some are free. The best tools for backlinks are the one you pay for. This is so you can keep track of all your backlinks and also to stay organized where everything is in order so that you can also follow up on your articles.


Know If A website Has A Dofollow or Nofollow On Your Links

Believe it or not sometimes us authors may get a webmaster that will remove or change your posted links from Dofollow to Nofollow, it’s very important that your monitor your backlinks so that you know about this. When ever your submitting backlink post remember to have a place like a application or plugin where you can view them all in proper order, encase you need to delete a link or update and contribute more to the article.


Always Link Your Social Media Author Page To Your Articles Bio

Always remember it’s a great idea to always link your social media pages or accounts at the author part of your articles bio. This is a proven and effective way to really pull in unique or repeat visitors to your website or individual page. Some of the best links that will lead to your website are the coming from real websites with a lengthy amount of relevant content and lots of shares from various social platforms from all around the internet. As long as these backlinks are coming from authority websites that are in your niche, and they have great SEO value you should always be okay.


Anchor Text: Backlinks that are bad for your websites SEO

1. Always avoid links to other pages with very thin content. Don’t do it even if it’s one of your sites. Google also devalues pages and entire websites with little or no content.  It’s known that links to these type of websites or pages will carry little or no SEO value at all.

2. There are websites that provide no value to users whats so ever. A few examples are on this subject is social media bookmarking websites, directories and we can’t forget article directories. Far as SEO Google won’t give them any credit. Many people don’t realize that
once you submit to these websites it’s almost impossible to remove them.

3. Comment spamming; nobody likes spam.  Neither does Google especially. Don’t post spammy comments all around the internet, you will lose your websites reputation before you even have the chance to build it into a good one. When it comes to spam you can also lose many position in the search ranks. Don’t spam no matter how much it seems innocent.